2018 Guide to the Top Piano Headphones

As your passion for music constantly grows, it’s time to explore everything new to this topic. If you just purchased a digital piano, you are surely eager to discover its every feature. When it comes to headphones jack, you should know that there have been a lot of improvements here, too. So be curious and try to find the right pair of headphones to match the jack and, of course, your preferences.

Piano practice time will take place quietly if you purchase the right piano headphones. However, finding the best products can be a hard task to accomplish. To find out which are the best digital piano headphones you have to do your research very well, think of a budget and of the features they should have. In what follows, we will offer a few tips and tricks on how to choose the best pair.

Digital Piano Headphones Buying Guide

Before purchasing any pair of headphones, you should answer these questions.

-Where is your digital piano located?
-Do you live alone or with other people?
-Does your apartment have thin walls?
-Do you want to monitor your piano playing progress?

These will help you understand that headphones are really a priority if you do not have a studio where you can practice without disturbing others. Since the digital piano has a headphone jack, you will be able to practice whenever you want, irrespective of what time it is.

When talking about digital piano headphones, try to consider the idea of “soundstage”. This has to do with the way you perceive the distance between the music you listen to and yourself. The design of your headphones will help figure out everything about soundstage.

Types of Headphones

You will find two different types of headphones – closed back and open back. Generally, for open back headphones, the ear cups’ back is open while closed-back headphones have the ear cups’ back closed. The open back headphones bring a great advantage. They trigger a spacious sound. Therefore, it will make it sound more natural.

However, most buyers indicate that these headphones’ greatest drawback is that they allow too much environmental noise in. However, they offer a better and bigger soundstage. When it comes to close back headphones, they have a better bass response. Their biggest advantage is that the music is contained within the earcups. Therefore, anything you will be playing through your headphones will not leak out.

Furthermore, closed back headphones are excellent when it comes to blocking out the external noise. This will help you concentrate a lot better. Nevertheless, its drawback is that the music may sound compressed.

A Useful Suggestion

One suggestion would be to purchase an affordable pair of digital piano headphones, namely the Samson SAHP10. This is for piano players who are just getting started, helping them develop their skills. This closed back headphones will not only work with your digital piano but also your mp3 player or other similar devices. It features a 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter.

The headphones have an incredible frequency range and are quite inexpensive. Nevertheless, if you want to wear them for longer periods of time, they may become uncomfortable.

Examples of the Best Digital Piano Headphones

Yamaha HPH-50B

This pair can make your time of practice a delight. They were specially created for beginners. The compact model gives a modern look and the swivel mechanism allows to turn them at 90° so as to have a perfect fit. Furthermore, every sound produced by this pair is professional-grade and the bass is carefully-balanced.

LyxPro HAS-10 Over-Ear Headphones

If you want one of the most qualitative sounds, choose this model. The balance of the sound is made with 45mm neodymium magnet drivers. The speakers are covered in foam and leather for a maximum comfort. Even if you are at the start of your road in music or you are far away, these headphones will fulfill the need of a peaceful environment for training.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Over-ear Headphones

This set of headphones was created for piano lovers that like to train for hours. A lot of music engineers choose this model for an effective outstanding sound accuracy. In order to have a pleased family and neighbors, the earcups provide an amazing sound isolation. The comfortable fit is given by the sturdy construction.

Digital piano headphones will help you isolate yourself from the rest of the world and focus on your playing. Furthermore, they provide a better sound range and they help to practice quietly. This way, you will never hear the neighbors complaining about the noise. Before purchasing a pair, make sure to check all their features and test them. You could buy a pair of foldable ones and use them for your mp3 player as well. The most important aspect is to provide good sound quality and also to be comfortable.

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