AKG M220 Headphones Review – Should You Buy?


The right pair of headphones will be an essential part of your music production setup. 

I’m often amazed by the massive number of choices on the market and the variations in price. 

High-quality studio headphones can be expensive, particularly for the right open-ended experience. 

With the AKG M220 headphones, you’re provided with a pair of headphones that won’t break the bank. 

About The AKG M20 Headphones 

The AKG M220 headphones have a design that is based on AKG K240 Studio. This has been used since 1972. 

It’s still favoured by audio professionals on an international level. AKG entered the music market in 1947 and launched their first headphones in 1949. 

By the 70’s they had released the popular K140 which eventually lead to the AKG M220. 

With these headphones, the developers have favored providing a budget-friendly option that could be an ideal starting point while still providing the high-quality sound experience that is needed for producing music. 

The AKG offers studio-level sound with the key features that audio professionals would expect. 


  • Good quality with a decent bass
  • Clear mid-range 
  • Comfortable to use 
  • Headband automatically adjusts 
  • Value For Money


  • Nearly completely plastic with replaceable earpads
  • Vocals aren’t well pronounced 
  • May not be suitable for recording sessions that last longer than an hour
  • Volume limited compared to other options

Features And Benefits 


The first thing you notice about these headphones is that they do have a stylish design. While they are priced to value I don’t think you’ll be able to tell by looking at them. 

That’s great because I believe a lot of buyers are going to want to use these for DJ gigs and other open events where style is important. 

They are available in two different colors including white and black with red lettering and stand out features. 


The headphones do have ear cups that are mounted onto gimbals that offer a two-axis rotation. That’s important because it means that these can be worn in a variety of different positions.

So, they could be suitable for lots of different types of performances. Another reason why I like this design choice is that it ensures that the headphones remain comfortable with a circumaural fit. 

The headphones are light too and this is another reason why I think they could be great as recording headphones. 

There are other practical features too. The headphones provide a ¼’’ adapter which means that there is a lot of flexibility for different sources and options here. 

You will also get a 10 ft capable which is fully detachable. This provides complete freedom of movement and I think this is fantastic for a professional audio environment. 


These headphones are designed with semi-open technology. This means that you will get both a solid level of the base as well as clear highs. 

I think this means that you can rely on these headphones for music production because they will provide a clear and clean representation of what you are listening to. 

I think that when you use these headphones, you’ll find that the semi-open sign provides both impressive isolation and a spacious soundstage. 

This is a unique option for studio headphones and it means it can be used for both professional mixing as well as for critical listening. 

Quality Of Sound 

The sound quality is impressive and I think it will ensure that listening with these headphones won’t cause audio fatigue. 

Highs are detailed, mids are smooth and lows are accurate with this choice. I think this means the audio can be heard exactly as the original artist intended which is great for music producers. 

Some headphones are designed to give you a final sound that has been altered to provide the best effect. These headphones won’t do that and that means that producers will be able to immediately note what needs to be changed. 

It’s definitely a personal note but when I listen to music I always appreciate hearing what the artist originally intended. 

The sound is flat and you do get plenty of clarity here. The bass with this option won’t overpower the mids either. 

I think the mid-range available with these headphones is particularly important because that’s where most of the music people listen to resides. 

Accuracy is good which is just one more reason why I believe these could be suitable for music production. 


These headphones have not been made with features in mind and I think that’s evident as soon as you start using them. 

Instead, the focus has been on providing the right level of audio quality as well as the comfortable design. On this level, I believe the headphones are a good choice, even without wireless connectivity or noise-cancelling tech that you might expect. 


I was surprised to find that these headphones are durable, despite the price. Quality construction is certainly apparent and this means that you don’t need to worry about bumps or knocks damaging them.

What Do Others Think?

AKG is a well-known brand and that means there are plenty of people who favor this choice. 

They have been producing headphones for decades. Both amateurs and professionals have opted for the AKG M220 headphones. 

Exploring reviews amateurs and professionals are impressed with the level of sound quality available here. Many also note the practical benefits that these headphones provide. 

I’ve found some fantastic examples of users that have been thrilled with these headphones and rely on them in both a personal and professional setting. 

As you can see, while they may not match the sound quality of more expensive options, they definitely seem to provide brilliant value for money. 

Alternative Options To Consider 

Sony MDR 7506 

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The Sony MDR 7506 headphones provide the features of pro headphones you would expect for under $100. Audio quality is great and you get isolation characteristics so they could be suitable for tracking. 

Mids and highs are ultra-clear too while the bass is not overpowering. These could be suitable if you’re looking for cheap studio headphones that are comfortable and practical.

Key Features

  • Flat frequency response
  • Lightweight design suitable for longer hours
  • High-quality sound 

Audio Technica ATH-M40x 

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These could be a great pair of headphones for mixing purposes. They have large swivel ear cups and the larger design is suitable for sound isolation. 

Key features 

  • 40 mm drivers provide earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils. 
  • Two detachable cables (standard and coiled) 

If you’re looking for headphones for studio monitoring or DJing, with a swivel design, you should definitely consider trying these. 

LyxPro HAS-30

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The LyxPro HAS-30 headphones provide a lot of features for a lower price than you might expect. The volume boost also ensures that you can get a stronger bass that sounds more present. As such, they could be a great choice for working in particular music genres where this is going to be important. 

Key features

  • Good bass response 
  • 50mm drivers 
  • Volume boost 
  • Quality design with a leather headband

If you are searching for headphones with a premium feel that are best for hip-hop or EDM music, I recommend selecting these. 


Studio headphones will often come with a high price tag. Most new to the music industry and even those looking for personal headphones don’t realize that this is due to the numerous features included.

Whether it’s Bluetooth tech or sound cancellation, this all adds to the price and the weight of the headphones. 

With AKG M220 headphones, all the extra features are cut away providing you with a simple design that provides crisp sound quality. 

The high quality and comfortable design ensure that these headphones could be just what you need for recording, tracking and critical listening. 

You can explore the headphones for yourself by clicking on this link. 

What To Consider Before Buying Studio Headphones

When you’re working in the studio, it’s important to have a clear listening environment. You need to be able to make sure that you can hear specific details of tracks. This is important for critical listening as well as editing and various other aspects of production.

Studio headphones are designed to provide a higher quality of sound compared to other options on the market. 

There are numerous factors to consider before buying your own pair. 


It is important to make sure that you find a pair that is durable. Parts of the headphone should be replaceable and this will ensure that you can rely on them for years. 


Remember, you will be spending hours with these headphones over your ears. As such, they do need to be comfortable. Many provide a versatile design for different listening styles. 

There are two main types which are known as circumaural and supra-aural. With circumaural headphones, you are provided earphones that cover the whole ear. This is ideal for sound isolation. 

The latter type rests on your ears. They are more portable and lightweight however, they won’t provide the same level of comfort. 

Flat Frequency Response

You need to make sure that you choose a pair of studio headphones that provides the right flat frequency response. In other words, the headphones shouldn’t adjust the sound, even if it’s to make it sound better. 

This will mean the headphones are not suitable for recording or mixing. 

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