Best Tower Speakers

Tower speakers are a good investment and music lovers will appreciate the improved sound quality you get with this type of speaker. However, it can be confusing to choose a speaker with so many models on the market.  

Here is our guide on some speakers currently available and what you need to know before you decide. 

KEF Q550 Floor-Standing Speaker

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A floor-standing speaker is not cheap, but if you want high-quality sound, this is one of the best options. You get a single 5.25″ Uni-Q Driver Array with one 5.25″ bass driver and two 5.25″ auxiliary bass radiators on both sides.


  • Highly efficient and dynamic.
  • Good for home theater applications.


  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for small rooms.
  • Pricey.
  • Slightly heavy.

Yamaha NSF51 Floorstanding Speakers

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Yamaha makes great speakers. These speakers are made out of wood. They come with a grill that can be removed when you want to show off the drivers.

They are a great match for large TVs and provide unique HD sound. It did feel like I was in the cinema, so it was a great choice for those who love their surround sound whilst watching a movie. 


  • Attractive 
  • Removable grill 
  • HD quality sound 


  • Heavy 

Polk Audio T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker

Polk Audio T50 150W floor-standing tower speakers provide a nice rounded sound thanks to their 1x 6 1/4″ mid/woofer, 2x 6 3/8″ bass radiators, 1x 1″ tweeter. If you're searching for that stereo sound, combine them with another tower speaker. 

However, for the complete experience, you could add on the Bookshelf speaker, subwoofer, or a center speaker.


  • Good base 
  • Easy to combine with another speaker 
  • Attractive 


  • Not supported by all amplifiers 

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Single Floor-Standing Speaker

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Sony sure does make good sound systems, and the SSCS3 is no exception. Although it is a single tower, it has 2 speakers and a tweeter on the top, producing fantastic sound. It's also a great start to building a large sound system with lots of compatible features.

A great choice for beginners. 


  • Tweeter 
  • 2 Integrated speakers 
  • No too big 


  • Can be tricky to set up 

ELAC Debut F6 Floorstanding Speakers

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A great speaker system for the money! I recommend them because they're affordable and sound amazing. ELAC Debut F5s are great speakers for music lovers who like their sounds loud! You get a very nice sound stage with them. 

The midrange driver sounds fantastic. The tweeters are also exceptional, and they are super easy to set up. They also benefit from a separate tweeter.  

The tight pattern of a weave on the aramid woofer creates a  smooth and high-frequency response along with a clean base. The base drivers and mid-range ensure each frequency band is reproduced precisely without interference with the others.

They are not too expensive either, making them a good budget choice. 


  • Separate tweeters 
  • Smooth sound
  • Not too expensive 


  • Often out of stock 

Fluance Signature Series Floorstanding Speakers

These floor standing speakers are a bit of an upgrade from budget options. They're built from premium materials and come with a pair of powerful 8″ woofers for growing bass and a neodymium tweeter that has high-end clarity.

They mate that with acoustically sound solid wood cabinets for a distorted free sound.

They are stylish speakers and exude high quality. Furthermore, they would be a smart addition to anyone's surround sound setup. 


  • High-quality material 
  • Powerful woofers 
  • Excellent base 


  • Heavy 

Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floor Standing Speaker

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Yamaha is a popular brand and these speakers are great, inexpensive speaker options.  They come in various colors and sizes.

The speakers are made from metal and plastic and although not as powerful as the previous contenders, they produce high volume levels and offer exceptional sound quality.

The speakers are really easy to set up and use and are stylish and attractive.  You get a full range of high-tech features including a super tweeter, 3-way speaker, 5.25-inch cello reinforced woofer, immersive surround sound, high-res audio, and more. 

Setup is easy, so you can enjoy your music right away. This product has been reviewed by many people and was rated as an excellent product. When I tried it out, I was impressed with the sound quality for a speaker less than $200. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • 3 way speaker 


  • Quite tall

Samsung | MX-T40 | Sound Tower | High Power Audio 300W | 2021

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This super speaker is ideal for those who like to throw a fun house party. It has a bass booster, 300 watts of power as well as club type party LED lights.

It is equipped with Bluetooth connections and can be easily connected to compatible devices. It is also splash-resistant, meaning you can throw an awesome pool party without worrying about the speaker. What’s not to love?


  • Powerful 
  • LED lights
  • Splash resistant 


  • Heavy

KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speakers (Each, Walnut)

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From budget options to this amazing speaker. The KEF is quality at its finest.

It exudes good taste and produces a fantastic sound. It benefits from improved Unit-Q driver Array, which improves the sound of treble frequency crossover that has been improved to provide better and more powerful bass. 

KEF's innovation means that the tweeter has been placed in the acoustic center of the midrange, creating a  more accurate and detailed three-dimensional sound.

This results in audio  which is distributed  more evenly in the room, producing  an all encompassing  audio experience. 


  • Beautiful to look at 
  • Improved crossovers 
  • Innovative design 


  • Expensive 

Jamo Studio Series S809 Floorstanding Speaker Pair (Black)

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The Jamo tower speaker offers Three high-quality Polyfiber Woofers as well as a 25 mm Soft Dome Tweeter that together create a unique and powerful sound. 

Each speaker has a connection point at the top of the cabinet for the smooth integration of the ATM topper that creates an overhead effect of Dolby Atmos.

A great mid-price option for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise quality for  price. 


  • Polyfiber woofers
  • ATM topper
  • Reasonable price 


  • Plain to look at 

Klipsch Reference R-610F Floorstanding Speakers, Black, Pair

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These impressive speakers are easy to set up and benefit from tractrix horn technology, this reduces the effect of sound bouncing off the walls and provides clarity of sound as well as improved audio detail.

The tweeters are made from aluminum, which reduces distortion for a better sound experience. The innovation tweeters are the trademark of Klipsch products. 

The woofer cones are equally impressive, they are super light, making them extremely efficient. 

The Tractrix ports at the back of the speakers are flush against the woofers and the cabinet, which create airflow that has very little  distortion, even if frequencies are low. 


  • Tractric technology 
  • Aluminum tweeters 
  • Light woofers 


  • Midrange can sound a little hollow 

Buyer's Guide 

There are many kinds of speakers available today. From bookshelf models to floor-standing towers, there's something for everyone.

And if you really want to go above and beyond, you can get surround sound systems that include everything you need to enjoy the complete audio experience. 

For dedicated systems, you'll want to consider what kind of room you have. You might be looking for a compact system that fits into a corner or under a cabinet, or maybe you'd prefer a big tower that takes up an entire wall. 

Whatever type of setup you choose, make sure it sounds amazing! Floor speakers are great for listening to music or watching movies.

You can put them anywhere in your house, but you should place them near a wall or other surface. Some people also recommend placing them under a table or desk if they're not too big. 

Floor Standing Or Bookshelf?

A bookshelf speaker is smaller and designed to sit on shelves. It plays low bass but does not need to be placed on the floor. Tower speakers are larger and designed to be placed on the ground.

They have more drivers and produce a stronger bass than bookshelf speakers. Floor standing speakers are often used in larger rooms. 

Dedicated tweeters, bass, midranges, and subs are included in these speakers. Tower speakers come with an anti-resonant cabinet. Spiked feet should be used for carpeted floors and padded feet should be used for hardwood floors to protect it as the speakers can be quite heavy. 

Floor standing speakers are great because they allow you to place your speakers anywhere in your room without having to worry about wires getting in the way.

These speakers are very expensive, but they offer a wide range of sounds and a bigger soundstage than any other type of speaker.

Bluetooth speakers have become a lot better over the past few years, but they still haven't really caught up with a proper tower speaker system yet. Tower speakers aren't small, but they're big enough to fill large rooms and give that bigger audio experience. 

They're not limited by size, so they can be used in any room. A dedicated space for your sound system is something that towers offer.

They usually have traditional wired connections, but some are now being offered with Bluetooth technology to make them even more flexible.

Two Way And Three-Way Speakers 

Two-way speakers separate the frequency ranges they produce into high and low sounds. A three-way speaker is typically better than a two-way speaker because it has better sound quality. However, it is more expensive. 

By adding a subwoofer, you can improve the sound quality even further if you don’t want the extra expense. 


Tower speakers are made up of two or more speaker units. Each unit produces sound waves in different frequencies. The high-frequency sounds are produced by the tweeters, while the lower frequency sounds are produced by woofers.

A three-way speaker includes a center channel speaker as well. A four-way speaker also includes a surround speaker.


Floor speakers have a wider frequency than bookshelf speakers. Multi-driver speakers have more frequencies than single-driver speakers. A speaker with a wide frequency range delivers complete sound.


Woofers produce low frequencies from 40 Hz to 1 kHz. Subwoofers produce low frequencies below 20 Hz. You may need to buy more speakers if your room isn't big enough or if you want a bigger sound.


Tweeter is a type of speaker that produces high-pitched sounds. They are used to deliver high-frequency details with minimal distortion. Tweeters are usually made out of paper or plastic.

Their cone shape makes them more efficient than other types of tweeters. Planar magnetic tweeters are similar to dome tweeters, and they  are used for high frequencies.


Speaker placement is paramount to getting the most out of your speakers. You shouldn't place them next to each other or against the wall; this will cause interference and destroy bass energy!

Each room is different, so you should experiment with different placements until you find what works best for you.

The golden ratio applies to sound. You should try to place your speaker as far away from the walls as possible. Your speaker should be placed at an angle facing the listening spot.

Speakers should always be placed 1/3rd to 1/5th of the length of the room away from walls. This will prevent any standing waves or reflections. 

Placing speakers on a mat will reduce vibration and rattle. Avoid placing anything in front of the speaker.


When considering how much to spend on your speaker, you should always remember to include the shipping costs when buying online. This will help you to save money when purchasing items. 

When you buy a speaker, make sure you know how many pairs you need. You should also make sure that the price includes both speakers, as sometimes they are marketed as just one. 

Design And size 

Speakers should be selected based on the room size and design. You want them to fit in well with your decor as well as  offering great sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Subwoofer With Floor-Standing Speakers?

Subwoofers are used primarily to add bass to the music. They are not necessary for speakers to work properly. Some people use them because they enjoy listening to music better when there is more bass.

Are Floor Standing Speakers Better Than Bookshelf?

Floor-standing speakers are generally considered to be better than bookshelves because they are taller. This means they can fit more drivers, which means they can produce higher volumes.

These bigger speakers are often thought to offer better performance and more immersive sound.

Can You Put Floor Standing Speakers On Stands?

Yes, you can put floor-standing speakers on stands, but you don't have to. You should think about whether placing them on stands improves the overall sound quality or not before deciding which ones to buy.

There are many speaker stand options available if you choose to place your speakers on stands.

How Many Watts Is A Good Speaker?

A good wattage for home speaker systems can range anywhere between 5 – 30 watts, depending on the size of your room. For large gatherings, a wattage ranging from 100 to 150 should be enough.

Are Bigger Speakers Louder?

Bigger speakers will generally be better than smaller ones. A big speaker moves more air, resulting in a bigger sound wave, which allows for a larger range of frequencies to be heard.

Can Tower Speakers be Placed Horizontally?

Tower speakers are great for surround sound due to their height, range, pairing abilities, and various drivers. They're usually placed upright and front ways, but also can be positioned at the back.

Are Tower Speakers Good for Surround Sound?

Tower speakers are great for surround sound because they are tall, and they can play high frequencies. They're paired with smaller speakers when strategically placed around them. This results in the perfect setup for the surround sound system. 

Home Theater Setup 

If you are looking at tower speakers because you want to set up a home theater system, then there are many factors to consider.

AV receivers are the quarterbacks of your home theater. They tell everything where to go, route signals to different speakers and displays. A good AV receiver will bring the best from your home theater. 

Of course, you can survive without extras such as subwoofers, but you won't be happy. Having a subwoofer will give you better sound quality, so consider adding one to your setup. 

As an experienced home theater installer, I know how hard it is to set up a home theater system. You need to understand what speakers fit into each room and where you want them to be placed.

Also, you must consider the placement of wires, power outlets, and other important components.

I'm sure this was a difficult decision for most people who were installing their first home theater system. There's no denying that home theater systems can be complicated. 

When you have a system with this many cables and settings, it's surprising how easy things can go wrong. 

However, tower speakers are some of the best floor standing speakers out there, and I’m sure this guide has helped you make an informed decision about the right speaker. 

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