Audio Interface

Which Is The Best Audio Interface Under $500? Find out here

If you want to create high-quality recordings at home of yourself playing a musical instrument or singing, and don’t want something that will break the bank, then you are going to need the best audio interface under 500. Anyone who knows anything about home recording knows that the audio interface is at the heart of the system. It allows you …

Audio Interface

Which Cheap Audio Interface Should You Buy?

So, you want to do what every budding musician and DJ is trying to figure out – record your demos to a high standard, without having to fork out an absolute fortune. You may even want your audio interface for collaborating with other artists, or simply karaoke. Using a cheap audio interface for this can really help, but you need …

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Review: USB Interface For Home Recording

More than a year ago, I was sitting in my studio (AKA my bedroom) working on a new song during a stormy night. Since it was raining too hard to go out, I decided to write some verses to a new instrumental that one of my friends produced over the weekend.