What DAW Does Charlie Puth Use?

With social media being prevalent, artists and their fans are now closer than ever. This relationship pushes fans to get inspired with the hopes of reaching the same heights as their favorite singers.

Taking artist Charlie Puth as an example, he’s very close with his fans, releasing videos of what equipment he uses, and the methods he follows to make his songs.

Puth is definitely talented and can write, record, and produce his music, which he does thanks to something called a DAW.

This DAW isn’t something that’s restricted to him, as normal people can get it if they want to try their luck at producing their own music.

But before we say which DAW he uses, let’s first explain what a DAW is.

What Is a DAW?

DAW is a term that means “Digital Audio Workstation”, and from its name, you can get a hint of what it does.

it’s a piece of software that people can purchase and download on their PCs and Macs.

People use this program to record their voice or instruments, edit audio files, then mix, master, and produce them to get a final product.

DAWs are used in any industry that has audio in it. This can be in the form of soundtracks in movies, podcasts, radio shows, and music.

There’s a wide variety of DAWs to choose from and you aren’t restricted to using a certain one.

What DAW Does Charlie Puth Use?

Charlie Puth has changed his DAWs during his career, looking for the best one to produce his music on.

charlie puth on a stage

While he used Steinberg Cubase in the past, he has been using Pro Tools for the past few years.

There are several videos on YouTube where he shows off his home studio.

In them, you can see him using the program to create and produce his music.

Pro Tools is considered by many as a reliable DAW to produce on and works well with several available midi-controllers.

This is an advantage for Puth since he has several pianos along with controllers on which he creates his music.

Puth also uses several old-school synthesizers, which work well with the program that helps him fulfill his sonic needs.

How Does Charlie Puth Produce His Music?

Puth is always in a creative process, ready to work on music at any given moment.

He uses his phone’s voice-notes app to record ideas, and lyrics so he could then dump them into his DAW later.

These recordings are then cleaned up, processed, and reviewed to figure out what works. Puth then records them properly on the DAW.

daw set

He would also use other external plugins for instruments that he can’t play. These are programs that allow him to emulate different instruments using his midi-controller.

This would remove any obstacle that might hinder his music-making process.

How Do I Pick the Best Daw for Me?

Like with any program that has several variations, you can pick and choose the one that works with you best.

The best way to do that is to test them by creating a project on them during a trial period, and if you feel comfortable, then go ahead and buy it.

Reaper, Garageband, Logic Pro, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Steinberg Cubase, and Ableton Live are just some of the available ones you can choose from.

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