What Daw Does DEADMAU5 Use?

Deadmau5, which is pronounced dead mouse, is an insanely talented producer. His talent goes beyond just producing great music, but also great animations and robotics.

When he combines his original music, great lighting, animations, and robotics on stage, he ends up performing such unforgettable concerts. Have you ever been to one of his concerts? They’re absolutely mind-blowing.

Which also explains his iconic, big-eared “DeadMau5” helmet. This big mouse head is rigged with different LED lights and multiple colors around the eyes and ears. Which adds up to the authenticity of his talent.

But, who is behind that mouse head? His name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, a Canadian EDM producer, and an absolute genius when it comes to DAW knowledge.

What Is a DAW?

I always like to start by explaining what a DAW is, in case you’re not very familiar with it.

Digital Audio Workstation, also known as DAW is a music creation software that enables you to record, edit and produce music from your computer.

composing music with a DAW

A Digital Audio Workstation is an essential tool any music producer has to possess whether he is a beginner or a full-time professional music producer.

Learning DAWs is a great place to start if you’re an aspiring music producer. It’s a tool that will go all the way through your music production career. Also, there is a huge selection of DAWs to choose from such as FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, Cubase, and Pro Tools.

The learning difficulty may vary depending on your choice of DAW. But at the end of the day, you’ll always find that one software that you feel comfortable with.

You can find more details about Digital Audio Workstations here.

What DAW Does DEADMAU5 Use?

Although Deadmau5 had a big journey with different types of DAWs, he found out that his personal favorite DAW is Ableton. He says that Ableton is like a cartoony version of what a DAW should be. Joel also says that in Ableton everything is there in the right order.

But it doesn’t stop there for Joel, some other DAWs that he works with are Logic Pro and Cubase.

What Is a Good Starting DAW?-DEADMAU5’s Opinion

Joel was asked, what is a good starting program and equipment for beginners?

His response to that was quite impressive. He says you don't really need any equipment. All you need is software and that's it.

When it comes to the DAW itself, Joel says you can use FL Studio and familiarize yourself with it but don’t get too familiar. That is because you’ll be having a hard time switching DAWs if you wanted to switch from FL studio.

Ableton is also another great software you can start with since the user interface is quite easy.

His last advice was REAPER, if you’re looking to save tons of time, just go straight into REAPER. And if you figure this software out, anything else would be easy.

music equalizer


A Digital Audio Workstation is the main weapon in every producer’s arsenal, and with the proper DAW comes great music.

Deadmau5 uses a lot of software for his music, and he recommended some DAWs for those who want to start their music production journey.

I believe that you can use such advice for your own use. because these great tips can give you the fastest shortcut to your music production dream.

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