What DAW Does Finneas Use?

Using a digital audio workstation software, or DAW, is the new standard tool for music production in today's music. While there are many different DAW options available on the market, like Ableton Live, Cubase, and Logic Pro, music producers prefer a specific type of software that allows them to create that unique sound.

Finneas, an American singer-songwriter and music producer, is known for writing and producing music for many artists, including his sister, Billie Eilish. Finneas started his career as a bedroom hobbyist using only his laptop and DAW to create alternative pop music. It was from there that he gained worldwide recognition and catapulted into stardom.

In this article, we’ll explain the DAW that Finneas uses and what other tools allow him to create his iconic sound.

What DAW Does Finneas Use?

Finneas prefers using Apple’s Logic Pro X as his digital audio workstation software. This DAW, combined with Universal Audio Apollo 8, is synonymous with Finneas’s unique production sound.

Another factor that has helped contribute to creating Finneas’s unique sound is that he started his career as a bedroom producer. It's hard to believe, but Finneas recorded and produced his first album from their parents' house with a few basic tools.

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Launching ReadyRecording music from his bedroom played a big part in creating the tight and intimate sound Finneas’s music is known for. Using the Logic Pro X DAW, Finneas was able to manipulate the music and Billie's vocals and produce original sounds in their hit first album.

What Plugins Does Finneas Use For His DAW?

Choosing the right DAW isn’t enough to create unique sounds. Using different plugins for your DAW is essential in creating unique sound effects and ambiance.

Logic Pro X’s Vocal Transformer Plugin was essential in creating the rattlesnake vocal effect in the song “Bad Guy.” Finneas says this plugin is great for creating unique vocal sounds. However, it’s not intuitive or user-friendly.

Another plugin used by Finneas is the famous ValhallaRoom. It’s lightweight, handy, and reliable, especially when producing rich reverb sounds. Finneas is seen using this plugin in a video where he and Billie Eilish were playing around.

Little AlterBoy is another plugin responsible for creating extreme vocal alterations. Finneas is known for producing unique vocal effects, and Little AlterBoy is responsible for most of these effects.

Omnisphere is one of the most popular plugins in the music production world. This plugin is used by Finneas, along with many other famous producers like Martin Garrix and Alan Walker, due to its high functionality. Omnisphere contains almost every sound imaginable and can be used as a virtual synth.

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Many of Finneas’s tracks contain piano and keyboards, so he likes using the Spectrasonics Keyscape plugin. This add-on imitates the real piano, producing rich and deep sounds.


Finneas started his career as a bedroom producer and rose to stardom in a few years, but what DAW does he use to create his distinct sounds?

Finneas uses Apple’s Logic Pro X as his digital audio workstation software. Consisting of various plugins, Finneas is always experimenting and playing around with different sounds to produce distinct sounds for his music.

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