What DAW Does Getter Use?

Hailing from San Jose, California, Getter is a rapper, actor, and producer that dabbles in a wide range of genres.

He produces EDM (electronic dance), pop, rock, and hip-hop music. These are all very different varieties of music that require different production techniques.

This begs the question, what DAW does Getter use to produce all these kinds of music at a high level? Read on to find out.

What Is a DAW?

DAW is short for ‘digital audio workstation.’ DAWs are software that are utilized by professional and aspiring artists alike to produce music.

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DAWs have become an integral part of the music creation and production process. The DAWs most commonly used include Pro Tools, Reaper, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro, and FL Studio.

What DAW Does Getter Use?

Getter is an artist regarded as a jack of all trades. In his high school days, he focused on metal music, but he transitioned into an EDM dance later on.

Getter views his creative process as a learning experience that expands his horizons, and he’s used several DAWs that have allowed him to do so.

The first DAW he used was Reason. He’s also known to use Ableton Live and Apple Logic Pro. He also used Native Instruments Massive Synth to create the intro for his remix of ‘Release Me’ by Datsik.

Do I Have to Use the Exact Same DAW as Getter?

Different artists feel comfortable with different DAWs, and what Getter finds suitable may not be the same for you.


When it’s all said and done, it’s the quality of the music that matters rather than the quality of the DAW or how much it costs.

If you’re an aspiring artist and you’re not quite sure of the sound or style you want to go for, you should certainly look for inspiration in the work of other artists, but you shouldn’t try to copy their process.

Instead, you should focus on being authentic, finding your own process, and just doing your own thing. More often than not, this is what listeners gravitate towards.

So, when you’re picking a DAW, base your decision on whether it can complement your creative process and allow you to create music you feel proud of.

In Short

DAWs have become an indispensable aspect of music production. They’re used by all of today’s artists in their music creation process, with different artists utilizing different DAWs depending on their needs and on what they feel comfortable with.

The DAWs that Getter is known to use are Reason, Ableton Live, and Apple Logic Pro. We also know that he uses Native Instruments Massive Synth.

Considering Getter’s musical diversity, we can assume that he uses other DAWs in certain parts of his production process as well.

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