JPEGMAFIA is a rapper, singer, and record producer, who’s been on the rise in the rapping scene with his recent works getting critical acclaim.

Inspiring fans all over the world, there’s no shortage of them trying to replicate his sound. That’s why, many people may be curious about his “tools of the trade,” so to speak.

A DAW is definitely one of his most essential tools to create music, but which one does he use? And how?

Answering those questions, you may be able to replicate his style and create a similar sound.

First, we need to take a closer look at what a DAW is.

What Is a Daw?

The word DAW is short for “Digital Audio Workstation,” a software that you can download on Macs or PCs.

On this program, you can record your vocals or instruments, edit them, then finally mix, master, and produce them to create a song.

There are a lot of DAWs out there including Reaper, Garageband, Logic Pro, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Steinberg Cubase, and many more.

You can look up what DAW certain artists use to try and replicate their sound, but it’s always better to test some of them out and choose the best one for you.

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All the biggest artists in the world use DAWs, but what does JPEGMAFIA use? Read on to find out.


JPEGMAFIA decided not to limit himself to using one DAW, but rather several. He explained in previous interviews that he works on several DAWs, including Reaper, Cubase, and Pro Tools!

However, JPEGMAFIA stated in an interview that it doesn’t matter which program he uses. Because the music is in his head, so he just needs the idea to create the hit he wants.

In other interviews, a picture of his laptop showed that he also has Garageband and Adobe Audition.

In his music video for the song “TRUST!” his laptop clearly shows that he works with Bitwig Studio as well.

It could be strange to some, but it makes sense since it clearly shows that JPEGMAFIA is experimenting with different DAWs to find the one that serves him best.

Yes, he uses several DAWs, but you have to keep in mind that each program has its level of complexity and capabilities.

This makes finding the best DAW for anyone, be it JPEGMAFIA or you, a process of elimination.

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How Does JPEGMAFIA Produce His Music?

JPEGMAFIA loves to introduce special beats in his percussion, adding a few electronic glitches to make them sound unique.

These beats aren’t usually in normal rhythms because he tries to bend the rules a little to end up with something special.

Another process he likes to follow while making music is to create a contradicting or contrasting beat to a laid-back melody. This makes his songs sound balanced in a sonic sense.


Learning how to create music is an ever-evolving process. While you might want to start off with the same DAW as your favorite artist, your style might change leading you to look for another.

That’s why we recommend that you test as many DAWs as possible. This way, you can figure out which creatively speaks to you and use it.

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