What DAW Does Marshmello Use?

Since he was a young man, Marshmello has always been fascinated by music. Something captivated his interest, and he started experimenting with different sounds and beats. He combined kicks, synths, and other elements to create beautiful melodies and rocking beats.

If you’re wondering how he’s managed to do all this and what tools he uses, look no further. I’ve got you covered.

Who Is Marshmello?

Since his first appearance, everyone has been very excited about his face reveal. This is because Marshmello never took off his mask during his concerts, which has helped him gain more and more fans along the road.

He kept his a secret for a very long time. Yet, some sources confirm that the person under the giant smiling marshmallow head is called Chris Comstock, who goes by Dotcom.

Marshemllo hasn’t technically confirmed his identity yet. Plus, he’s done a lot of fake reveals, including the one where Shawn Mendes pretended to be Marshmello.

What Is a DAW?

Let’s explain what a DAW is before getting into details about which ones Marshmello uses.

Mixing up music

A DAW is called Digital Audio Workstation. It’s commonly known among producers and music enthusiasts as DAW. Digital Audio Workstations are the very first thing any producer has to put his hands on to start creating music.

A DAW is computer software that lets you create music by arranging electronic music samples saved in the software. Of course, you can always add more samples to it, like kicks, snares, bass, etc.

There are many Digital Audio Workstation software you can choose from, like Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, and many more. There are also many mobile versions you can download from the App Store or Play store.

I recommend you look for whatever DAW feels comfortable to you. Since all of them can provide great results, it’s the producer who makes the difference.

You can find more details about Digital Audio Workstations here.

What Daw Does Marshmello Use?

As we mentioned earlier, Marshmello likes to experiment with different DAWs and equipment. Marshmello’s primary DAW is Ableton Live. He also uses Logic Pro and Pro Tools every now and then

music recording

This may not be necessary, but as I said, it’s what makes him comfortable. He tries to get the best out of each tool and combine the strengths and features of each DAW to end up with a track that will definitely go as a big hit.

For a beginner, you can choose one of many DAWs and stick to it until you get the hang of it. And if you feel like you have the ability to switch DAWs, feel free to do so.


For years, Marshmallow has been able to compose original music with the power to touch our hearts, but his success didn’t happen overnight. With lots of hard work, dedication, and the right DAW, Marshmello has now become a highly sought-out, iconic producer.

Now that you know which DAWs Marshmello uses, why not use it to your advantage? With the proper choice of DAW and hours of practice, you can create music that has the power to change lives.

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