What DAW Does Martin Garrix Use?

If you're an aspiring DJ or a music producer and a fan of Martin Garrix, you would be curious enough to wonder about his main DAW. You can also be just a fan of his music and style, looking to know more about the programs he uses to produce such great tunes.

So, if you're wondering, “What DAW does Martin Garrix use?” You'll find the answer here because we're also fans of Garrix's music and the way he mixes different styles.

So, What DAW Does Martin Garrix Use?

Martin Garrix uses FL Studio as his main DAW. The young Dutch DJ likes to work with Image Line’s FL Studio to produce his energetic, euphoric music.

However, Martin has stated that he fits his synthesizers and recordings into multiple versions of the program due to lack of time.

Why Does Martin Garrix Use FL Studio?

Garrix has said that he uses this DAW because it's easy and fast. Moreover, he finds it helpful in working out his gambled ideas and seeing if the idea is promising to start with. Also, the producer mentioned that FL Studio has got several fine plugins that he depends on.

FL Studio became famous after Garrix stated his use of it. It was first established as Fruity Loops and then turned into FL Studio. It can be used as a VST instrument, and it also works as a ReWire client.

Owing to its simplicity and stunning interface, it has a very wide base of fans. The program is popular among other artists such as Alan Walker, Southside, Avicii, etc.

What Else Does Martin Garrix Use to Produce His Music?

While Martin Garrix prefers FL Studio, he uses other plugins and gear to help him make his awesome music.

Garrix has mentioned that iZotope Ozone 9 enabled him to fully execute his productions. Additionally, he works with Logic, Nexus, Vandalism Shocking Sounds 4 Sylenth1 Preset Pack, Native Instruments Massive Synth, and Gross Beat.

Other DAW software options he works with are Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live 11, and Avid Pro Tools. Garrix has mentioned starting with Apple GarageBand for Mac.

If you’re wondering about the process he follows, he isn't known to be an organized producer and doesn't follow a certain order when making music. He played with the FL Studio software until he mastered it, worked on his skills, and trusted his unique creativity, which is why he proved himself when he was only 14 years old.

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Final Thoughts

Now that we have answered the question, “What Daw does Martin Garrix use?” You might be inclined to give it a shot. Yet, you should keep in mind that this DAW isn’t the main reason why the man is great!

What made Garrix famous and allowed him to prove himself alongside big DJs like Tiesto, Avicii, Armin, and David Guetta was his will and creativity.

To succeed as a DJ, you'll need your own unique touch, some energy, positivity, and great musical skills to shine.

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