What DAW Does Tame Impala Use?

Music is now accessible more than ever, with programs known as DAWs that help users who produce their own, getting better and better each year.

So much so that huge artists are using the same ones available to the rest of the public.

The music project Tame Impala comes to mind when you think about music production; thanks to multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker.

Parker does everything for the project, including recording, writing, and even producing. This can seem daunting to some, but what if we told you that you could do the same?

Yes, while Parker is indeed the mastermind behind the project, he uses a DAW that anyone can pick up too. However, before we get into that, let’s first talk about what a DAW is.

What Is a DAW?

DAW is short for “Digital Audio Workstation”, it’s a computer program/software that you can download on Macs or PCs.

Music Recording Equipment

Using this program, people can record, mix, master, edit, and finally produce their audio files.

They can create anything from audiobooks and podcasts to music using DAWs.

There are all kinds of different DAWs available, each having its benefits and drawbacks.

If you’re intending to get one, do some research to find which one will work best, to get the final product you want.

What DAW Does Tame Impala Use?

Now that you know what a DAW is, if you’re considering getting the same sound as Tame Impala, you might want to use the same one that Parker uses.

Parker’s DAW of choice is Ableton Live, which some people might find a bit strange, considering that Tame Impala is more of a rock band rather than a DJ.

But its capabilities are what drew Parker to it, especially the looping ones, which in turn helped Parker masterfully mix rock and electronic music effortlessly.

Tame Imapala Concert

This can be heard in songs like “Let It Happen” and “Breather Deeper”, which feature loops and recurring parts.

How Does Tame Impala Produce His Music?

Tame Impala uses almost everything the DAW can do, to produce the music he wants to get out of it.

That means adding loops, reverb, phasing, and more to get a unique sound that he can make his own.

This is also achieved thanks to his talent, and being able to play several instruments well. This makes him able to reach the sonic vision he has for his music.

His sonic signature is quite different from most artists because Tame Impala tends to veer away from conventional norms.

Breaking rules when it comes to production and writing his music, makes him stand out.

Things like having a large amount of reverb on his vocals and changing chord progressions throughout his songs.

His “rule-breaking” can lead to his music sounding different than what’s being played on mainstream radio.

Do You Need to Use the Same DAW When Producing Your Music?

Nope, not at all, as we mentioned earlier there are many different DAWs available, each having its advantages and vice versa.

Among the DAWs to choose from are Reaper, Garageband, Logic Pro, Audacity, Adobe Audition, Steinberg Cubase, and more.

Check them out individually and test them if possible to find which one you’re most comfortable using and stick with it.

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